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Svetinova ulica 1, 3230 Šentjur pri Celju
T: (03) 74 61 700,  F: (03) 74 61 819
GSM: 051 316-000, info@dom-sentjur.si
Dosegljivi 24-ur na dan 051 644-805

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Dom starejših Šentjur

Retirement Home Šentjur

About us

Retirement Home Šentjur, which was established in 1999, is a public social care institution that offers social care, accommodation, food, health care, physiotherapy, participation in occupational or functional therapy, and other activities to its residents.

Our primary mission is to offer services that can help the elderly who have certain medicals problems or have decided to join institutional care for other reasons. Staying in a residential home is a form of institutional living that substitutes and complements the role of a home and family for the residents. The retirement home employees are aware that no institution can replace the residents’ own homes, therefore, we make an effort to ensure that our residents feel accepted, welcome, and as content as possible.

We are not merely public sector employees; in our line of work, we often substitute our residents’ relatives and friends with our presence in the institution. We realize that moving into a retirement home represents a new chapter in the lives of our residents. We significantly affect the welfare of our residents and their relatives through our professional work and actions.

With regard to accommodation, residents can choose rooms with single, double or triple beds that may have an attached bathroom and/or a balcony. In our retirement home, we also offer apartments with their own kitchen, bathroom, and the possibility of installing a washing machine.
The aim of our institution is to develop an organization that provides maximal flexibility according to the residents’ needs, and makes us efficiently competitive by taking into account the following principles: high quality of care for the elderly while taking into consideration the economic capacity, integration of permanent professional and personal development of employees, and the ability to adapt to the environment.

We will continue to follow our mission and vision as well as function in accordance with our quality policy, i.e. to take care of the elderly while meeting the requirements, needs, and expectations of those who are in need of these services. We would like to be prepared for new generations of elderly with new needs.

Administrator’s Note

It takes much more than a house with its walls to make a warm home—home can only be defined by people.

In Retirement Home Šentjur, we are aware of the meaning of the word home, and we aim to accomplish our mission with a great deal of attention and consideration in order to truly co-create a home with our residents. We are aware of the importance of service quality and constant development, therefore, these concepts are integrated in our everyday work.

Forming relationships is considered essential in everyone’s lives. We all strive to make connections, to communicate, and to be close to someone, which is also the case in our retirement home. We want to be close to you and we enjoy being in contact with you, which is why we always seek new opportunities to form and foster relations. Together, we co-create events and activities where the residents, employees, and relatives can socialize and foster our ties.

We also strive toward other forms of relations, therefore, we are extremely pleased that you have decided to visit our website. Our goal was for you to feel welcome on our website, but in particular, we wanted to offer you the required information and to keep in contact with you. You can sign in our Guest Book to ensure you will be the first to receive new information. On our website, you can access information on admission procedures, department presentations, current news and activities, including price lists, weekly menus, the complete offer of Retirement Home Šentjur, and plenty of other useful information. You can also access the photo gallery of activities and events in our retirement home to stay informed about the latest happenings.

Retirement Home Šentjur is not just a source of wisdom, brought about by the golden years and the beautiful colours of autumn of life; it is also a mosaic of life, intergenerational coexistence, youthful spirit, interactive enthusiasm, and in particular, quality ageing. I sincerely hope our bonding moments will bring you a lot of joy!

Vesna V. Razboršek, Administrator


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Sporočamo, da je od 23. 12. 2021 naprej, v veljavi Odloka o spremembah in dopolnitvah Odloka o začasnih ukrepih za preprečevanje in obvladovanje okužb z nalezljivo boleznijo COVID-19 (Uradni list RS, št. 201/21), ki spreminja Odlok o začasnih ukrepih za preprečevanje in obvladovanje okužb z nalezljivo boleznijo COVID-19 (Uradni list RS, št. 174/21, 177/21, 185/21, 190/21, 197/21 in 200/21).

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